Bring out the best in your website with search engine optimization, leading to better user experience and higher positioning in search engines like Google.


Target qualified searchers with custom pay per click advertising on search engines and search networks.


Stand out in localized searches and connect with people looking for businesses like yours. Manage your online reputation and interact with your customers.


Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, Google Plus (and more!) to share news important to your business and interact directly with fans.

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Business Review

It is important for SearchLab to understand your business so that we can both translate your message online, and effectively optimize our approach.

Our Initial Business Review takes place during the audit phase and before any Organic and/or Paid campaigns, kick off. The input provided by you and those on your side, deemed necessary to your online effort, will define our direction early on, however it isn’t until we see how the web reacts that we settle in with any long term strategy. The goal of the review will include the following:

Keyword Universe Identification

SearchLab will work with your business, to derive a comprehensive set of keywords associated with established and future business goals. We will research extensively, solicit feedback, analyze in depth your competitors, and use software that tells us about search inventories. We will take all this information and select a relatively small sample of keywords (2030) that are not so challenging that we have no hope of ranking, but are popular enough that we can reasonably expect a marked increase in the traffic to the site.

Once selected, the list will be far from static as we will constantly be adjusting to both positive and negative trends, looking to prolong the highs and minimize the periods of stagnation.

Website Audit

SearchLab will extensively audit your business’ website,
research your vertical, and provide a report.

The report will include step by step instructions, that when implemented by your developer will in effect optimize your site for the keywords and phrases most important to your business. The purpose of the website audit is to ensure that all on-page SEO elements are in place for improved relevance and ultimately rankings. We will examine your website on a per page – per keyword assignment basis. The result will be to apply the proper keyword phrases in the proper locations for each page, ensuring that the website is a relevant result for all major terms. We will run compliance testing looking to eliminate the possibility of a Google penalty. If one is found, we will communicate with you immediately with an action plan the reverse the affect. If determined unfixable, we will provide guidance to reestablish a URL for that business name and location. Last we will act as a subject matter expert, providing guidance on technical matters such as redirects, error pages, and page load time. All indicators of poor crawl rates and ultimately a hindrance to top rankings.

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